Test your emotional intelligence

By katycook
March 1, 2021

The following self-assessment consists of twenty questions designed to give you an idea of where you’re at in your overall emotional intelligence, as well as in each of the four areas of emotional intelligence (self-awareness; self-regulation; empathy; and social skills.)

Please take your time to read and respond to the following statements as honestly as you can.

I am aware of what triggers my emotional responses.
I ask others for feedback on what I do well and how I might improve.
When I’m feeling difficult emotions like anger or grief, I prefer to engage with them directly, rather than ignoring them.
When I make a mistake, I am kind and gentle to myself, rather than self-critical.
I am able to adjust my behavior and energy level based on where I am or who I’m with.
I find it easy to be vulnerable and share my feelings with others.
I would rather listen and support someone emotionally than try to help them solve their problem.
I find it easy to build rapport and connection with others.
I can identify and name my emotions as they come up.
When I feel frustrated or angry, I am able to calm down quickly and easily without losing my temper.
I can easily put myself in others’ shoes and imagine where they’re coming from or how they might be feeling.
It’s easy for me to read other people's emotions (i.e. I can tell if someone is upset, anxious or uncomfortable).
When I’m having a bad day, I can refocus on more positive thoughts and ideas.
I participate in activities like journaling, art, mindfulness, or meditation in order to get in touch with how I’m feeling.
When something is bothering me, it's easy for me to move on with my day.
I feel at ease introducing myself to someone new.
When I’m upset with someone, I am comfortable openly discussing the problem and trying to solve it with them.
I am uncomfortable when someone around me expresses strong emotions.
I get told by others that I'm a great listener.
I practice active listening skills in conversations with others.

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